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5 Indoor Activities for Your Energetic Child

The holidays are over, the days are shorter and we're surrounded by snow! Every year, parents share that the winter can be a challenge for meeting the sensory needs of their children. There are fewer hours in the day to get outside and MOVE! We're HUGE supporters of being outside whenever, wherever, but winter in New England sometimes has other plans. Here are 5 of our go-to's for indoor movement activities to support your kiddo this winter:

1.The Floor Is Lava: This one is always a huge hit and can be adjusted for any age. Have a couch with cushions that come off? Create some Lily pads to jump between. Throw a sheet or blanket over the back of two chairs for a DIY "tunnel." Roll up a long towel or blanket for a balance beam. Add in challenges such as finding puzzle pieces hidden within the course without touching the lava!

2.Bubble Mountain: This one is a breath game, and breath can be so regulating for our sensory kids. Instead of prompting "take a deep breath," try out bubble mountain! Grab a bowl filled with water and a straw (and, depending on your child's age and abilities, a squirt of dish soap *test first to ensure no drinking of the water*). Have your child take big, long breaths to create a mountain out of bubbles! See if you can make your bubbles fall out over the bowl.

3. Couch Soccer: Have your child lie on their stomach on the couch with their hands touching the floor, holding themselves up. Take a small ball or rolled up pair of socks and try to "score" a goal by rolling the ball between their hands and into the couch!

4. Play tug-o-war: Roll a long towel or blanket to create a "rope." Let your child do most of the pulling. Try it standing, sitting or kneeling! Bonus fun if you make a “crash pad” full of pillows, couch cushions, bean bag chairs or a mattress on the floor. Place crash pad behind each player for crashing backwards into when the game is complete!

5. Upside down bowling: Set up some "pins" using empty water bottles, paper towel rolls or mostly anything in your recycling bin! Have your child stand with his/her back to the pins and lean forward to roll the ball between their legs and at the cones! Increase challenge by increasing the distance to the pins, adding more pins or filling them with a small amount of water to make them harder to knock down! Decrease the challenge by having the pins closer to your child or using fewer pins.

Have fun!! We’d love to see your family enjoying some of our favorite indoor activities. Snap a picture and tag us on social!


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