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First Foods Workshop

Are you a new mom who is interested in starting solids with your baby?

Or maybe a seasoned mama and this baby a different experience with starting solids?

Our starting solids workshop allows for caregivers and babies to experience:



Presentation of foods 

What is an expected response to new foods and what responses need intervention

How to be prepared to provide intervention if needed  


Baby led weaning vs. Puree to Solids

Size of foods to offer

What foods to offer 

How much should baby eat 


Food is more than just for eating! Babies will be invited to experience not only food but the social motivators and experiences that go along with it. 

MONDAYS at 10:15AM


 Life Wellness Collective

157 Portsmouth Ave STE 1

Stratham, NH 03885

$20 per session or $70 for a 4 week package

Registration Required

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